Can I Run My Business on My Own?


“You may be asking yourself, “Hey can I just do this on my own? Can I get a book and just implement an operating system on my business, on my own?”

In this video I want to help answer that question for you.

My name is Mark Whitmore and I’m the head coach at Lodestone Truth North.

What we do here at Lodestone True North is back the bus off the business owner, and put them back in the driver’s seat.

We help do that by getting you to implement a macro operating system by creating and implementing that macro operating system, which does 5 things:

  1. Who we are.
  2. Why we do.
  3. What we do.
  4. Where we’re going.
  5. How we’re going to get there.

So, let me answer this question, “Can I do this on my own?”

There are a couple of things. First of all, yes you can get a book. There are a number of different books that have comprehensive operating systems for your business. TractionScaling UpGreat Game of Business, just to name a few.

Now just like in a marriage or intimate relationships, a lot of times, the book is not the problem. The problem is you or your spouse. So, when you get a book and you deliver that book to your spouse, or that spouse delivers it to you, it’s not really going to help because you, or they, are root issues and it’s hard for both of you to help each other out. In that sense if you’re trying to save your marriage…save your business – or really fundamentally change your marriage, or your business – getting the book actually will make it worse.

You need a third-party, you need somebody that can come in and act as a moderator, a facilitator, somebody who has a lot of experience with the issues that you’re dealing with and it doesn’t it doesn’t upset them. In that sense, it’s a bad idea to do it on your own.

I want to pull in an example from Rocky. When you think about Rocky 1, there’s a character Mickey. Mickey is Rocky’s coach and Micky’s off in the corner and what Mickey’s doing is he’s bringing a bunch of experience to the table. He’s not a boxer. He had some history boxing according to the story line, but Micky’s sweet spot was not boxing. Mickey’s sweet spot was getting Rocky to box…to get Rocky to do his best work. Without Mickey, Rocky wouldn’t have done very well. So, it’s really important to have an objective person, a coach, who can help call out the best in you and get you to become the best version of yourself, call BS when there’s BS, and call out the good stuff when there’s good stuff.

The last part I want to talk about is a foundation. When you’re laying in foundations, let’s say you’re going to learn how to play golf or learn how to play the violin. The way you begin playing or learning those things is really important and if you learn bad habits, and learn the wrong way to do things it is very difficult to uproot those foundations and re-build them, especially at the beginning of the process. You need somebody who can help lay in the correct foundations, someone who’s done it before, who knows what the wrong foundations look like. In that sense doing this on your own is a bad idea.

That was my goal is to just answer those questions for you.

My name is Mark Whitmore, head coach, Lodestone True North.”

Mark Whitmore is the leader and founder of Lodestone, a dynamic firm of experienced, business consultants who help entrepreneurs and managers get what they want from their business.

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