Drive by Daniel Pink: Pt 1


“Mark Whitmore here with Lodestone True North…

I want to talk to you about this book by Daniel Pink, Drive.

Drive is a great book and a great read. If you own a business, if you have employees or if you have people that you’re leading, trying to motivate, trying to get them rolling in the same direction or singing from the same hymn note…you really need to read this book. That’s because you’re probably trying to motivate them in an unhealthy or broken manner that is really not helping and possibly making it much worse.

I want to show you a couple of hacks I got out of this (or one hack anyway) that I share with my clients. It’s this very simple tool I call M3M. M3M means Mastery, Meaning and Mine, or Autonomy (Motivation).



If you want to get motivated and you want your people to get motivated, we need to put them in a position where they need to master or desire mastering, whatever it is they do, where Mastery is necessary. That will drive and stimulate motivation.


You can also say purpose. If there is a deep sense of meaning or a deep purpose, then folks will be motivated. It’s our challenge as employers or leaders to develop positions and put people into those positions where it’s clear what the meaning is or what sorts of deep purpose that position holds.

Mine (Autonomy)

I turned Autonomy into Mine, so it starts with an M, and we can have our three M’s. So, Mine, or Autonomy, means developing a position for your folks, for your employees or the people you lead, where they have a perimeter or a boundary. I like to think of it as an English garden, where you build a perimeter and give them the resources they need to do whatever they need – inside of that perimeter – and produce what you need them to produce. They have the autonomy and ownership of that interior, and you leave them be as long as you build that perimeter. You say, “Whatever you are doing here is yours, just make these two, three or four things come out of it and we’re good.”

So Autonomy or Mine, creates motivation.

Use these hacks if you are trying to develop motivation or engagement. has said many times that engagement is very, very low across the work environment in the United States. If you’re trying to develop motivation or engagement you have to read this book. It’s going to help you understand at a deep level what is behind all that and to stop mistakenly undermining what really truly drives your people. Drive, is a great read and I really encourage you to dig into it.

Mark Whitmore, Lodestone True North


Mark Whitmore is the leader and founder of Lodestone, a dynamic firm of experienced, business consultants who help entrepreneurs and managers get what they want from their business.

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