I Don’t Have Time


“If you’re saying to yourself, “I just don’t have time to do this”, I want to talk about that for a minute.

My name is Mark Whitmore and I am the head coach at Lodestone True North, backing the bus off of business owners and putting them back in the driver’s seat.

If you’re saying that you don’t have time, I want to talk to you a little about inputs and outputs. You’re dumping stuff into the business and getting stuff out of the business. You’re dumping in time, energy, head space, capital and ideas. Typically, what we found, and this is a universal principle called the Pareto Rule, or 80/20 Rule, which says oftentimes, 80% of our efforts produce 20% of our results, with the inverse being true. 20% of our efforts produce 80% of our results.

The trick is to figure out those things that we dump into the business at a 20% level, that bring out 80% results. When we do that, it frees up 80% of our time. Often, running your business on a crisp, comprehensive operating system frees up a ton of your time.

As far as a time commitment to doing this, the leadership team meets with me, at location in our offices, or offsite at a location for 8-16 hours per quarter. It’s not a massive time investment and that investment, that input, is going to get you an output of a bunch more time and more results, which is what you want from your business in the first place.

To say you don’t have too much time is a bit of a misnomer, because basically you’re saying I don’t have time to make my business give me more time. Running your business on a nose to tail your business on a comprehensive operating system is going to do that. It’s going to give you more time.

Mark Whitmore, Lodestone True North.”

Mark Whitmore is the leader and founder of Lodestone, a dynamic firm of experienced, business consultants who help entrepreneurs and managers get what they want from their business.

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