In business, it is nearly impossible to rise up out of the weeds and see where you are headed- to remember what it was that inspired you to build your business. The bright light that you held in your hand when you started your business has become a dim and distant memory.

Days rush at you one after another, one job after another- one client, or project, or payroll period after another. Admin, scheduling, problem solving. Putting out fires. These rhythms often produce toxic ruts that take you and your company and your employees right over a cliff, because you’ve lost sight of where you are headed. And before you know it, ten years have gone by. But you still have the same marketshare, and the same problems. And you’ve grown used to them. Your blind spots have grown roots.

Denial is not a business strength.

And often we are isolated as business owners, and become stuck and stranded in toxic ruts of our own making. Ruts that we don’t see, or that we can’t see our way out of.

Creativity and Clarity are among the rarest, yet most important qualities in a business owner. But being an owner often conflicts with and damages these qualities. The slide into simply administrating, or managing, or doing what we did yesterday, is often terminal for a business.

Our Small Business Mastermind Groups are designed to bring remedies to these problems. Tools that stimulate your ability to see and understand the path you are on as an owner and a leader. Exercises that can pull you out of ruts, and put you on a healthy course, for the benefit of you the owner, and your family, and your employees. Strategic tools. Organizational Development tools. Culture building tools.

This is not a networking group. It is not a therapy group, or a mindfulness seminar. We will not be doing yoga. It also is not a marketing or growth or management group. We will not be learning admin hacks, or discussing spreadsheets, or how to set up a 401K for your employees.

The biggest problem in your business is between your ears and behind your eyes. That is where we will be working.

Once a month, for half a day, these tools are discussed in a moderated, closed group of up to 7 other owners that are in a similar stage of growth with their businesses. You will benefit from observing them, and seeing the ruts they may be stuck in, which in turn will help you see your own. Also, they may have solved problems which you are currently facing, or you may have solutions which they have yet to discover.

We will be reading a number of books throughout the duration of the training, as well as numerous articles from Harvard Business Revue. There will be homework.

Also, you gain access to one on one advice from Mark by phone, on an as-needed basis, with no limit of time. This allows you to develop and vet your ideas, and have a safe sounding board before you put them into play.

If you think this is for you, fill out the contact form below and we will reach out to you with more information.