Dearman Moving & Storage

Our team has been working with Lodestone True North over the past 9 months on learning and applying the Entrepreneurial Operating System to our business. The knowledge and experience that Mark Whitmore has shared with our company is helping us to become the type of team and company we’ve wanted to be. We realized that in today’s world to be more competitive and to become the kind of company we wanted to be that we needed help. We connected to Mark through the book called Traction. Our time with Mark has brought our team together, has helped us clarified our message, get the right people into the right seats, build a map towards our future and develop processes to help us get there. Mark is a great fit for our team because he makes us feel comfortable, he’s great at connecting with us between our sessions and he’s got lots of tools and resources which will help us to become the company we envision. I highly recommend Mark and really enjoy working with him and getting to know him.