Mark Whitmore

Founder, Lodestone True North

“I am like a song producer. I am here not to create the art, but to coax the art out of the client. I want them to discover their voice and use it. Not my voice.”
-Mark Whitmore, Lodestone founder


An entrepreneur since he was 20 years old, Mark spent decades as a commercial and residential property owner and manager.

Mark discovered that property management isn’t just about buildings. It’s about the people who live and work in them. He began to understand how they live and work. What they want out of their lives.

Mark went from being a personal mentor to transitioning into a more professional role to include business and organizational advice. Mark created management and organization tools he calls Principled Products because they help clients discern what’s important – not just for running a business – but for living a full, rewarding, principled life.

Our Name

That explains the name – Lodestone True North. In the natural world, lodestone is a naturally magnetized mineral that seafarers throughout history used to find their way on journeys. In today’s business world, Lodestone is a dynamic firm of experienced, accredited EOS® implementers led by Mark Whitmore who help entrepreneurs and managers get what they want from their business.

Lodestone, EOS® and You

Lodestone’s proprietary operating system tools are made even more powerful by the addition of EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) – a proven business and organizational methodology embraced by leaders around the globe.

“EOS is a great system for mapping out how to go forward,” Mark states. “Our Lodestone approach adds to that – helping clients go deeper and discover the why behind their goals. That’s the value Lodestone adds to EOS.”

Mark’s vision is guided by his own true north pathfinding, summed up in these words:

“We meet clients when they are spinning their wheels, running in circles – or even worse – when they feel they are no longer in control of their journey,” he states. “It’s as if they’ve gone from bus driver to being trapped under the vehicle – no longer in control.”

He adds, “We pull back the bus. Help clients get up and get back in the driver’s seat again.”

Mark lives on a homestead that has been his family’s farm for six generations – maintaining the best traditions while adapting to change and embracing the future.