Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Lodestone Get Its Name?

Our name is Lodestone True North. Our tagline is True North Pathfinding for Captain & Crew. The questions we ask are, “Where are you going? What direction are you headed?” The Lodestone is a magnetic rock used throughout history by sailors and travelers as a compass to stay on course. 

Entrepreneurs who need our services feel like they are NOT going where they want…that they are going in circles. We are their lodestone.

Who Benefits From Lodestone True North?

Any business owner or manager who feels like they are no longer in control of the organization they started. If you feel like your business is running YOU – and not the other way around – then Lodestone can help.

How Can Lodestone’s Principled Products Help?

Our team can help businesses using Lodestone’s proprietary tools developed by Lodestone. It’s a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that have helped entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses.

What Are Lodestone’s Proprietary Tools?

Our own tools, developed by founder Mark Whitmore, are “principled products” because they help people discern what’s important, to discover why – and lead to a more rounded, fully lived LIFE, not just a smoother running business. 

Lodestone’s tools help entrepreneurs isolate the issue, discover the solution, build trust and make progress faster as they regain control of their business – and their dreams. 

What Does A Lodestone Coach Do?

They facilitate your offsite meetings – either monthly or quarterly – keep you on point, guide the conversation so you can have actionable plans right away – and see positive changes at once. 

They understand your business – from financials, staffing, history and other key details. This knowledge is valuable – especially coming from someone outside of your organization.

Lodestone coaches are also available to talk in between sessions.

Where Do Lodestone Sessions Take Place?

Lodestone’s offices in the Big Easy Desk Warehouse in Cuyahoga Falls offers a comfortable creative space where clients can do their best thinking and working. By design, we created a compelling space with no fluorescent lighting, no drop ceiling, just room to breathe deeply and think freely.

What Makes Lodestone Different. 

Lodestone guides you to dig deep into WHY you want to improve and what’s important to your business and personal life. We believe your business is made up of culture, relationships and the financial bottom line. Lodestone addresses all three.

How Much Does This Cost?

The exact cost is determined by the range of services you seek. Overall, the implementation of these methods which can completely change a company’s direction comes at the same cost of a modestly-compensated, entry-level employee. It is money well spent.

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