Many of us escaped the ‘Boss’ and the ‘J.O.B.’ because of the pressure coming from up the chain. Or because of the ridiculous management style, or company culture, or downright stupidity emanating from ‘The Man.’
We hoped to escape some form of toxic accountability, which is definitely a great idea. But unwittingly, many of us have escaped accountability all together. We have become ‘self-accountable.’ Which is an oxymoron. Emphasis moron.
We self-made types need someone looking over our shoulder, speaking up and pointing out motives, deadlines, and mistakes. We need someone who can spur us on to get the things done that we would rather just forget about.

1 thought on “Accountability”

  1. Accountability partners are crucial! Even if its just a close personal friend, let them know what you are working toward, and ask them to check in with you on progress. Clients, partners and team members are also great for helping us stay accountable. 😉

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