Podcast Episode 025: Guest Tim Campbell: Family business transitions


In this episode of the Business Broken to Smokin’ Podcast, Lodestone True North’s Head Coach Mark Whitmore and our guest Tim Campbell, CVO of Dearman Moving & Storage ( https://dearmanmoving.com/ ) discuss family business transitions, the importance of a great set of core values and more!

0:00 Intro
2:18 History of Dearman
7:47 A caution for every business owner
11:56 The default business model…
13:06 Tim’s story
22:20 Needing a coach on your side…
22:30 Self learning, and unlearning bad habits
25:15 Need to get beyond fixing symptoms
25:48 Book references: Pinnacle by Steve Preda & Greg Cleary Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish The Advantage by Pat Lencioni Get a Grip by Mike Paton & Gino Wickman
27:41 What’s different with the Dearman business now…
29:17 The importance of having a great set of core values…
32:24 There’s a bit of disruption… Working on the business is like working on a moving vehicle
37:24 Another big hurdle beginning with a new business operating system
41:05 Dearman’s Core Values
46:41 First big challenge/mistake about core values – you don’t have any…
48:00 Second big mistake about core values – they are vague. They need to be clearly differentiated.
48:43 Jim Collins – the definition of the right person on the bus
54:14 Using core values in the interview process
50:55 Book reference – Grit by Angela Duckworth – chapter 12 is about culture https://angeladuckworth.com/
58:44 Business expanding during an economy in contraction
1:00:29 What coaching does for the business…
1:01:11 The space here at Lodestone (the Coral Reef)
1:02:07 Reference to Kurt Gödel
1:05:51 Some advice to a business that could use an advisor or coach
1:07:01 “A business without a business coach is like a car without engine oil”
1:09:23 the BSAF analogy
1:12:33 (Good quote here from Tim – Shoutout to Mark)
1:18:15 All about epiphanies
1:20:21 Attention business owners…
1:23:07 Family businesses are messy…
1:24:56 A good indicator for Mark working with a future client…
1:26:35 Money is a terrible “why”
1:30:52 It doesn’t have to be lonely and miserable at the top
1:37:50 What’s your favorite Lodestone tool…
1:49:28 Book reference – Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud
1:56:08 Two things needed to make the tough decisions: A clear vision: 1 – Where are we heading 2 – Why is it important 3 – Who are we (culture)
1:56:23 A clear set of seats (organizationally)
1:57:03 The seven solutions to people issues… 1 – Do Nothing 2 – Observe 3 – Training/coaching 4 – Put in a different seat 5 – Put on some sort of notice 6 – Delayed termination 7 – Fire now
2:02:33 The Clarity Maze Tool
2:15:24 What would you tell a 30 something business person…
2:21:48 Don’t let the business own you

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