When an employee “GWCs” her seat on the Accountability Chart, she is in the Right Seat. Employees are rated “yes” or “no” in all three categories – to be in the Right Seat, all three must be a “yes.”

  • “G” stands for “Gets It,” which means the neurons in her brain fire in a way that makes her perfectly suited for the job. No amount of training or development will ever help someone “Get It.”
  • “W” stands for “Wants It,” which means she springs out of bed every day genuinely wanting to excel in the role. You can’t coach people, pay people, or kick people in the butt to want it.
  • “C” stands for “Capacity to Do It.” This means she has the god-given talent, skills, experience, and training to do the job well. While you can’t train or develop “gets it” or “wants it,” some employees can acquire the “capacity to do it” with a well-defined personal development plan.