Podcast Episode 015: The Visionary Dilemma


In this episode of the Business Broken to Smokin’ Podcast, Lodestone True North’s Head Coach Mark Whitmore discusses the main premise from his upcoming book, The Visionary Dilemma.

2:42 Shoutout to TTX https://www.ttx-inc.com
4:00 What is vision?
5:46 Book referenced – Visioneering: Your Guide for Discovering and Maintaining Personal Vision, by Andy Stanley
6:00 Shoutout to Josh Gordon, Full Spectrum Marketing https://www.fsm.agency/
17:35 The “Fair Weather” Canvas
19:35 Vision in relation to business
20:00 Back to Andy Stanley and Vision
21:20 John Adams mini-series https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0472027
26:25 Book referenced – The Real George Washington
33:50 What is vacation, anyways?
36:25 Brian Regan skit about station wagons
31:50 A Compelling vision comes from…
38:30 Talking about Mark’s upcoming book, The Visionary Dilemma
38:45 Book referenced – The Survivors Club: The Secrets and Science that Could Save Your Life, by Ben Sherwood
42:50 Book referenced – Man’s Search for Meaning, by Viktor Frankl
46:25 Book referenced – Drive, by Daniel Pink
47:20 M3M tool reference, link to other video
50:14 Joy and satisfaction comes from mastery
52:15 Reference to Stan Hywet & English gardens https://www.stanhywet.org/
56:35 Shoutout to Apollo heating and cooling
58:30 Back to casting a vision
59:28 The Visionary Dilemma – 3 Parts
1:00:00 First Dilemma – You’re casting a vision for people that don’t know they even need a vision…
1:01:45 – Without a vision people perish – Proverbs
1:04:14 – Adapting can be good, but we tend to have a toxic ability to adapt to something that we actually should change
1:04:30 Second Dilemma visions are invisible pictures
1:06:38 One of the goals of a visionary: putting clothes on the invisible man
1:08:48 Third Dilemma – Visions are disruptive

Music – 2 Tickets to Paradise – Eddie Money
Book – Man O Man, by Mark Whitmore

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Mark Whitmore

Mark Whitmore is the Head Coach and founder of Lodestone True North, a dynamic firm of experienced business coaches who help entrepreneurs and managers get to their Land of Awesome.

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