Podcast Episode 039 – Erodium PU36 Space Modulator Tool, or Digging In The Dirt


In this episode of the Business Broken to Smokin’ Podcast: Lodestone True North’s Head Coach Mark Whitmore and his right hand man Shane Kardos discuss digging down into the roots of issues.

0:00 Intro
8:00 At the root of all issues, at the end of the day, it basically goes back to the owner.
10:00 Reference to our S.M.A.C.K.! Tool (Check out our free course here:
https://lodestone.thinkific.com/courses/smack )
11:25 There are a handful of suspects for roots of issues
12:35 Places to look for potential roots on the “They Own” side:
13:25 Our People/Culture/Core Values

  • Attitude
  • Work Ethic
  • Ability or Talent
  • Availability

15:40 Clients
16:50 Vendors
17:50 On the We side (the leadership team)

  • Core Values
  • Strategy
  • Vision or where are we going
  • Purpose (why we exist)
  • Structure
  • Putting talented people in the right seats
  • Communication
  • Processes (behaviors, how we do things)
  • Systems (pipes and wires)
  • Tangibles (buildings, trucks, equipment, gear)

Music – Digging in the Dirt by Peter Gabriel on the album US

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Mark Whitmore

Mark Whitmore

Mark Whitmore is the Head Coach and founder of Lodestone True North, a dynamic firm of experienced business coaches who help entrepreneurs and managers get to their Land of Awesome.

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