Podcast Episode 042 – Delegate Tool Cheat Sheet


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Delegate Tool Checklist

Delegate Tool Checklist


In this episode of the Business Broken to Smokin’ Podcast: 
Lodestone True North’s Head Coach Mark Whitmore and his right hand man Shane Kardos discusses delegation, and a cheat sheet that we developed to help you delegate. 

Episodes 40 and 42 we talk about problems and solutions around delegating. Here’s a great hack if you are a manager and you find yourself struggling to delegate effectively.

0:00 Intro
4:37 Tips and pregame
5:42 Checklist overview
7:23 Remember the spirit of the core values
8:20 With Purpose / On Purpose?
9:18 Time frame?
11:15 Book Reference – Profit First by Mike Michalowicz  

12:10 End results clear?
14:00 Tied to macro strategy? This is a great time to generate buy-in
15:05 Resources dispatched?
17:10 What’s at stake?
18:07 Reference to episode 40 https://youtu.be/QGiIwBumfPo 
18:51 Prioritized? 
19:35 Re-state – read back directions

Music – Smokin’ by Boston

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Mark Whitmore

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