Spring Cleaning


For me, Spring is the best time to set new resolutions, not the new year. This is when everything starts to come alive. The daylight is longer, and brighter. Spring is infectious. January is, well, depressing.

This is the time to look at your organization and tune it up. As you finish up your taxes, you can see the holes in last year’s strategies. Now is the time to fix it. Spring is the time to set your course for the year, to review what went wrong last year and resolve to change it. In your business, things heat up in the spring. Customers get motivated. Stores see numbers increase. People are feeling better, more energized. People are hopeful and positive in the spring.

I like to look at my books and insert hope and energy into them in the spring. This is a time in which I have the momentum to push through the motivational haze left over from the winter, to clear away the winter’s dust and rust, and to crack open all the windows of my business and let in some daylight. To throw out the useless relics of last year, metaphorically. And to maintain and tune up the truly effective parts of my approach, making myself and my organization ready to tackle a busy and productive year.

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Mark Whitmore

Mark Whitmore

Mark Whitmore is the Head Coach and founder of Lodestone True North, a dynamic firm of experienced business coaches who help entrepreneurs and managers get to their Land of Awesome.

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