About Mastermind Groups

When You Started Your Business,
Did You Imagine It Would Be Like This?

Do days seem endlessly the same? Rowing in circle after circle….not getting anywhere?

This Is NOT
Why You Started
Your Business, Right? 

Mastermind Groups are small, personalized sessions to pull you out of the rowing galley – where your boat’s going in circles – up to the mast, where you can once again see where you’re headed. 

Get out of your workplace and meet in our intentional creative space. It’s open, with healthy lighting, no confining drop ceiling, where you can come to do your best working and thinking.

In our setting – with your mind untethered to the daily grind – Lodestone will lead you to rediscover where you want to go. 

Small Business Groups

Small groups (up to 7) meet monthly for half-day sessions. Small business leaders meet to develop and vet ideas. Follow-up phone consulting is available as needed to give you a safe sounding board. Training includes Lodestone’s own proprietary tools and guided reading from sound, wise books, articles and talks that will inspire the way you live and do business.

Cadre (Executive Coaching)

A cadre is a group trained to lead. Lodestone’s Cadre is our executive coaching group. Led by Lodestone founder and CEO Mark Whitmore and other seasoned executives who are great teachers, listeners and meteors. This small, trusting group gives leaders the necessary time to reflect, relate and improve.


A fulcrum is something that plays an essential role. Lodestone’s Fulcrum is our group where (in stead of networking) our clients meet and understand how they fit together to create strong, mutually supportive bonds. Most networking is just swapping business cards. Lodestone goes deeper, facilitating relationships built on strategy, empathy and trust. The members of Fulcrum are avid readers!

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