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Spring Cleaning

For me, Spring is the best time to set new resolutions, not the new year. This is when everything starts to come alive. The daylight is longer, and brighter. Spring is infectious. January is, well, depressing. This is the time to look at your organization and tune it...

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More On Accountability

Let me try bring some clarification to the term 'Accountability.' There are several ways to use this word. One way refers to being held responsible for certain actions or outcomes. Like your tax bill. You are being held accountable by the IRS. If you don't hold up...

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To be trusted is among the greatest privileges we can walk under. And conversely, to lose that trust becomes the most expensive relational loss, and regaining it is near impossible. As business leaders, we can be given, with little question, much trust. By our...

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On mentoring

An often overlooked quality necessary to being a good leader is humility. And one place in which that humility becomes essential is in the area of mentoring. Dads and moms mentor. Coaches mentor. Bosses mentor. Pastors and community leaders and CEO's and PTA's and...

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What exactly is creativity? Fuel in the engine of an artist? Voices in the head of a musician? It's easier than that. And more accessible and attainable to all of us, not just the 'creative' types. Essentially, it is the ability to see what others do not. When an...

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Navigation. The ability to discern  the twists and turns, pitfalls and vistas that we come across on the journey to a particular destination, and make necessary course corrections to keep us on target. Often this is something we try to do by ourselves, for ourselves,...

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