Free Tools To Get Your Business Back On Track

Three Uniques

Part of your company’s Marketing Strategy. Three things that – when taken together - make your organization different and better than the competition in the minds of your Target Market.

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Three Data Points

When providing constructive feedback to employees using the People Analyzer, the discipline of providing three specific examples to support any rating less than a “+” (for Core Values) or a “no” (for GWC).

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The List

A complete list of your organization’s ideal prospects created by using your Target Market as filter. Brings laser-focus to your proactive sales and marketing efforts, and increases your win-rate.

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The Bar

The minimum rating on the People Analyzer that an employee must receive to be considered a Right Person in the Right Seat.

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Target Market

A clear definition of your organization’s ideal prospects. It defines the demographic profile (who are they?), the geographic profile (where are they?) and the psychographic profile (how do they think?) of those people or organizations most likely to become your best...

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Tangent Alert

A discipline used to keep teams focused on solving the Issue at hand during IDS.

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A way to write Goals and Rocks that eliminates ambiguity and confusion – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

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Six Key Components

Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process and Traction, the Six Key Components make up the EOS Model. Truly great organizations are strong in all six of these components.

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A handful of weekly, leading indicators that helps teams at every level of the organization keep an absolute pulse on the business. A company Scorecard is reviewed weekly by the leadership team while departmental Scorecards are reviewed weekly by teams at the next...

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Because they are all entrepreneurs, they understand the pain of running a business. They are trained to lead sessions so you can learn how to get back on track, and rediscover why you want to succeed.