Level 10 Meeting(s)

A weekly meeting that occurs on the same day at the same time each week. Using the same agenda and always starting and ending on time, teams who master the Level 10 Meeting develop an efficient productive Meeting Pulse and become experts at getting more of the right...


One of the four parts of a company’s Marketing Strategy, the Guarantee is a compelling promise that addresses a common fear or worry in the minds of your Target Market that makes winning business more difficult.


The leader of an organization’s leadership team. Integrators beat the drum, break the ties, harmoniously integrate the other major functions in the organization, and accept ultimate accountability for achieving the P&L results and executing on the business...

V/TO (Vision/Traction Organizer)

A two-page strategic plan consisting of eight questions (or sections): Core Values, Core Focus, 10-Year Target, Marketing Strategy, 3-Year Picture, 1-Year Plan, Quarterly Rocks, and Issues List.


Typically the founding entrepreneur, a Visionary has lots of ideas and is a strategic thinker who always sees the big picture and is tuned in to the future of your industry. Visionaries are usually great with big relationships and the culture of the organization. On...

Vision Component

One of the Six Key Components in the EOS Model, this is getting everyone in the organization on the same page with where you’re going and exactly how you plan to get there. To be 100% strong in the Vision Component, first work with the leadership team to answer the...

Trust Builders

There are a total of 10 recommended Trust Builders in this EOS® tool. They are usually introduced in Quarterly and Annual Sessions. Some are done offsite on company time. Here are a few: Personal Histories Exercise, One thing (recommended annually), Kolbe Profiles,...

Traction Component

One of the Six Key Components in the EOS Model, describes the focus, discipline and accountability necessary to achieve your Vision. To be 100% strong in the Traction Component, first create a 90-Day World by setting and completing Rocks at every level. Then bring the...

To-Do List

The place in the Level 10 Meeting Agenda where To-Dos are recorded and reported on (“Done” or “Not Done”) each week.


A seven-day action item resulting from IDS in a Level 10 Meeting which is recorded on the Agenda and completed before the next meeting.

Three-Year (3-Year) Picture

A prediction made by the leadership team (and recorded on your V/TO) that clearly describes the organization you intend to build in three short...

Three-Strike Rule

The approach used by most EOS® clients to resolve people issues. When an employee is below the bar, use the People Analyzer and three data points to communicate clearly in a series of up to three meetings typically held thirty days apart: A Strike One Meeting clearly...

Three Uniques

Part of your company’s Marketing Strategy. Three things that – when taken together – make your organization different and better than the competition in the minds of your Target Market.

Three Data Points

When providing constructive feedback to employees using the People Analyzer, the discipline of providing three specific examples to support any rating less than a “+” (for Core Values) or a “no” (for GWC).

The List

A complete list of your organization’s ideal prospects created by using your Target Market as filter. Brings laser-focus to your proactive sales and marketing efforts, and increases your win-rate.

The Bar

The minimum rating on the People Analyzer that an employee must receive to be considered a Right Person in the Right Seat.

Ten-Year (10-Year) Target

A long range, energizing goal for the organization. Goals range from five years to twenty years out.

Target Market

A clear definition of your organization’s ideal prospects. It defines the demographic profile (who are they?), the geographic profile (where are they?) and the psychographic profile (how do they think?) of those people or organizations most likely to become your best...

Tangent Alert

A discipline used to keep teams focused on solving the Issue at hand during IDS.